On some poorly known, misidentified and mislabeled Chilean Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera).

Askevold, I S

Entomol.-Biol. Control, Div. Agric. Sci., Fla. A and M Univ.,Tallahassee, Fl. 32307.

Revista Chilena de Entomologia, 19:1991:11-15


Some species of Chilean Chrysometilidae have apparently been described from mislabelled specimens, from accidental introductions, or from adventitious specimens of Argentinian or Peruvian species. Hypolampsis melanotus Clark and Stethispa chilensis Pic are believed to be based on non-established taxa that have been described from Argentina or Peru. Uroplata chilensis Pic was probably based on an unestablished adventitious specimen from Argentina, and is placed as junior synonym of U. nigritarsis Weise. Blepharida chilensis Baly was probably based on a mislabelled specimen and is reduced to synonymy of the Nearctic species, B. rhois (Forster). Phaedon rubripes Philippi and Philippi was based on a mislabelled specimen or unestablished accidental introduction, and is placed as a junior synonym of Gastrophysa polygoni (Linnaeus). Megalostomis gazella Lacordaire, Calligrapha curvilinea Stal, Disonycha copulata Germar, Disonycha bicarinata Boheman, Disonycha argentinensis Jacoby and Diabrotica viridula (Fab.) are not confirmed to have been collected in Chile and should be removed from faunal lists. Xanthogaleruca luteola (Mueller) is recorded from Chile for the first time, but is not verified as established